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Face Time Communications in a Virtual World

Today's businesses rely heavily on email solicitations, virtual meetings, and instant access via state-of-the-art phones, to name a few. We read the company's message via email or listen to the salesperson's message on our voicemail, but is that enough? Does this type of impersonal communication really build relationships with our customers?

"According to several studies conducted by America's leading business colleges, customers remember the names (first and last) of the sales reps they meet face-to-face at twice the rate they remember the names of people they communicate with through the use of technology." Communispond

We need to get back to the basics in communicating in our personal and professional lives. It has been proven that our customers and associates first buy the messenger before they'll buy the message.

Want a simple, proven method that will help you achieve more effective one-on-one communications or presentations? Don Wright has developed an interactive training program that allows the participants to experience what effective communications looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

If you are interested in growing your bottom line by investing in the quality of the message your associates are presenting to your customers, please contact Don Wright Productions to see how and why training works.