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Scared Speechless

“Speaking in front of others is most people’s greatest fear.  In other words, we’d rather die than deliver the eulogy at the funeral.”  Don Wright

Don Wright will share with you easy-to-use, practical, real-time tools to make your next presentation, whether one-on-one or to an audience, less fearful and more powerful. 

Don’s background includes:
  • Over 20 years working with major corporations in outlining their goals and conducting workshops for improved presentation and communication skills for their employees.
  • Don has conducted presentation skills training for a national seminar company that provided workshops for hundreds of individuals throughout the country.
  • Over 30+ years on radio and television, most recently the producer and host of Portland’s KEX
    “Northwest At Night” talk show program.
  • Taught college level courses on male and female communication styles and how to adapt when working with the opposite sex.
To have Don Wright deliver a keynote presentation to your group or to arrange for communication skills training please contact: