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The Art of Powerful Presentations

5 Techniques to Begin Using Today

  1. Posture - relaxed, balanced, open to listeners.

    Credible posture, weight evenly balanced on both feet and head still. This style gives the audience the feeling that you're sending and receiving information.

    Approachable posture, has the weight shifting onto one foot, the head bobbing.  This style gives the impression that you’re seeking and gathering information

    A combination of both postures allows you to get your message across both verbally and non-verbally.

  2. Gestures - they tell a story without words.

    Gestures can help you get your point across and achieve a greater variety in your vocal pattern.  80% of verbal and non-verbal communications come from the upper 20% of your body.  Keep your gestures high, from mid-waist up.  Gestures, when used in a meaningful way, bring congruency and a clear understanding to your audience, whether one-to-one or one-to-many.

  3. Pausing - pausing and silence gets your audience's attention.

    Pausing makes your listener stop, look, and listen.  It allows the other person to mentally engage in your conversation.  Use your pauses like commas and periods as you would in written communications.

  4. Facial expressions - there are more connections from your eyes to your brain than from your ears to your brain.

    Facial expressions help you look sincere and it gives the impression that you’re feeling what you’re saying.   Your facial expressions must be congruent with your message.

  5. Vocal variety – the voice is like a musical instrument.

    If the eyes are the windows to your soul, your voice is the sound coming through the window.  Voice accounts for 38% of communication.  When you restrict your voice to one pattern, your voice becomes monotonous and people lose interest.  Whisper, shout, speed up, slow down; use the element of vocal surprise.